I know you have all been curious about what exactly we will be teaching here in Web Design School. Below I have listed the official curriculum for you for both the Prep Course and the Full Course.

Prep Course

Day 1 - A day in the life of a web designer

Day 2 - The techy stuff you need to know

Day 3 - The tools you will need

Week 1 – creating web sites

Day 1 – nameservers and cpanels

Day 2 – installing wordpress, plugins and themes

Day 3 – website content

Day 4 – design

Day 5 – security

Week 2 – Running your business

Day 1 – working as a freelancer

Day 2 – working from home

Day 3 – your resume

Day 4 – your portfolio

Day 5 – your client testimonials

Week 3 – getting clients

Day 1 – online places to get clients

Day 2 – submitting proposals

Day 3 – initial consults

Day 4 – creating proposals

Day 5 – collecting payments

Week 4 - working with clients

Day 1 – proper decorum when working with clients

Day 2 – how to create a smooth process with clients

Day 3 – handling customer complaints or set backs

Day 4 – final delivery of products

Day 5 – customer follow ups


Bonus 1 – intro to social media

Bonus 2 – creating sales funnels

Bonus 3 – intro to seo

Bonus 4 – content marketing

Bonus 5 – email marketing

Bonus 6 – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Marketing

Bonus 7 – Video Marketing

As you can see, it's a lot! This course is designed for people who are looking to become web designers and digital marketers. As you can see here I have given you tools to learn social media marketing, creating funnels, become an SEO expert. Again it's a lot of material that you can use to create your freelancing business. Plus you will get 4 1:1 sessions with yours truly. This way you can ask your questions and I will help you get through any roadblocks you may have about starting your business. Plus I will get you all the templates and tools I use to communicate with clients. If there is anything that could possible be missing, I will make sure you get the info you need! You can sign up for and enroll in the Prep School now. I am going to be limiting the number of students in the beginning so sign up now while there are still a few spots available!

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